Lead Free SD Survey

Drinking water is free of lead when it leaves the water treatment plant-however, water can absorb lead if it travels through lead pipes on its way to the faucet.  The majority of South Dakota water pipes are free of lead, but we need to find where lead lines still exist so they can be removed.  As part of a nationwide initiative, we are asking everyone to check their pipes and report their results, regardless of what they find.  If you home was built after 1987, when the lead ban took effeck here in South Dakota, you do not have a lead service line and you may not be asked to provide further information.  However, if your home was built around or before 1987, we are looking to you.  Knowing where the lead lines are is just as important as knowing where they are not.

Please complete the quick survey to see if you home's water pipe contains lead.  

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